About Us

Oasis is a place for the non-religious to come together to celebrate the human experience.

We understand that vibrant communities are central to human happiness and well-being. That’s why we need Oasis: to provide a place for like-minded individuals and families to connect, be inspired and feel empowered. Every Sunday morning, we offer you the chance to get together to discuss real-world principles supported by evidence and free thought. We also provide a place where your children can explore their developing world views, ask questions and make friends in an environment that’s supportive of critical thinking.

Our Core Values define our community and help shape our interactions with each other, society, and the world:

  • People are more important than beliefs
  • Reality is known through reason
  • Meaning comes from making a difference
  • Human hands solve human problems
  • Be accepting and be accepted
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People are More Important Than Beliefs

Throughout history beliefs, dogmas, and ideologies have divided people and have been the source of wars, persecution, as well as strife within families and friendships.

The Oasis movement values the well-being of people over any belief, dogma, theology, or philosophy. Our common humanity is enough to bind us together in meaningful community. (And, yes, we are fully aware that this is also a belief — but we’re just fine with a little irony in our lives!)

Reality is Known Through Reason

Most religions claim to have special insight into the nature of reality on the basis of supernatural revelations.

As a secular movement, the Oasis communities are committed to exploring and understanding reality on the basis of empirical evidence and rational discourse.

Meaning Comes from Making a Difference

Oasis communities do not exist only to satisfy the needs of their members or perpetuate the Oasis movement.

Rather, Oasis communities are committed to service projects and civic engagement that improve the lives of others locally, nationally, and internationally.

Human Hands Solve Human Problems

Whether the challenges facing our communities are created by humans themselves or by nature, we don’t wait for divine intervention.

If the world is to become a better place for all people, it is up to us to make it happen through our collective wisdom, resources, and efforts.

Be Accepting and Be Accepted

Oasis communities strive to be places of acceptance for all people.

We embrace and celebrate humanity in all its diversity, and we foster an environment of compassion and kindness without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or family structure.

Our Activities

Sunday Gathering

We get together weekly to celebrate the human experience through fascinating talks, live music, and friendship.

Children’s Activities

Oasis is focused on families, and we provide our children with engaging and fun activities during Sunday gatherings overseen by a background-checked team.

Community Service

Our values inspire us to give back to our local communities through volunteerism.  Our local food banks, shelters, and charities can count on us to be there for them.

Community Groups

Oasis hosts localized small group gatherings for potluck dinner and discussion, which allows us to get to know each other make friends nearby.

Social Events

Our unofficial sixth core value is to have fun!  Shows, sports, games, dining, and drinks are all more fun when we enjoy them together.  We even host vacations with communities across the network.

Gathering Together + Sharing + Giving Back

Sunday Gatherings


We meet on Sunday mornings because that’s when most of our families can make time for community.

Programs typically start at 10:30 or 11AM, and people are encouraged to come half an hour earlier for coffee, snacks, and conversation.

Kids Room

Parents can drop off their young ones with our background-checked team in the kids room, where they will meet new friends and enjoy fun activities together. We often coordinate the children’s activities with the main topic that week or one of our core values. Art supplies, activity materials, and snacks are all provided. You don’t need to bring anything.

Live Local Music

Oasis is proud to support the local arts, and communities feature a new local musician each week, from a variety of musical backgrounds.  The program starts with a welcome from the host, followed by two songs by the musical guest.  Don’t worry, there are no hymns, and you don’t have to sing along.

If you’re a musician and want to perform at Oasis, please contact your local chapter.

Community Moment

Next, is a 10-minute talk from a member of the community.  It can be about themselves, their journey to freethought, or something interesting they want to share.  The community moment gives us a chance to hear from each other and get to know each other better.

If you want to share a community moment, please contact an organizer in your chapter, and they can add you to their schedule.  Community moments are always voluntary, never required.

The Community Moment is followed by a 10-minute break for us to refill our coffee and make new friends.

Main Talk

After the break, we enjoy another song from the musician before the main talk.

Oasis is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education organization, and each week Oasis communities across the network deliver thought-provoking talks on a variety of topics grounded in reason, delivered by engaging speakers with a background in their particular topic of discussion. Life is full of awe and wonder, and we want to experience it together at Oasis.

Each week features a new speaker, who may be a member of the community or an invited guest. Main talks are 20 minutes, followed by a brief Q&A.  If you are a speaker and wish to give a main talk at Oasis, please contact your local chapter.

Wrap-Up and Lunch

A few announcements about upcoming programs and one last song by our musician concludes the Sunday gathering.  Guests who support our work are offered an opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation.  Oasis welcomes everyone, and guests are never required to donate.  Your participation is the most important kind of support we can receive.

After putting the room back together, it’s time for lunch.  Having lunch together is how we can keep the conversation going and allows us to catch-up with our friends.  For those who wish to join, we select a different nearby restaurant each week that can accommodate our group.

Our Leadership Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oasis right for you?

Sunday mornings bring a compassionate community of individuals together for coffee, conversation, live music, and fascinating talks grounded in reason. Outside of Sunday gatherings, Oasis has social activities, interest groups, and volunteer opportunities.

Yes! Oasis has a great program where young children can explore science, ideas, education, and fun.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Oasis is an accepting and non-judgmental environment.

Sunday Assembly broke new ground in organizing secular people and families. We have much affinity for them, but our vision for achieving community is different. Sunday Assembly meets once a month, whereas we meet weekly. The primary goal of Oasis is to build community, and we think meeting with more frequency will better achieve that goal. We also want the freedom to decide our own programming and format. This allows the community to shape Oasis — instead of Oasis shaping the community.

Although we have a lot in common with Unitarian Universalists, we differ in our lack of supernaturalism and spiritualism. We believe critical thinking, freedom of inquiry, and the scientific method are the best paths to truth.

Oasis is a great alternative to religious community, but the term "atheist church" doesn't quite fit. "Atheist church” is an oxymoron. "Atheist" implies a lack of dogma and "church" implies dogma. Furthermore, agnostics, deists, and progressive theists are members of our community, not just "atheists."

Not at all. Oasis is an all-inclusive community. We welcome agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, atheists, skeptics, deists and progressive theists of various types. Whoever you are, if the Oasis core values resonate with you, you can feel welcome here.

Only you can answer this question. Are you up for celebrating life? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Are you looking for an inclusive community of like-minded people? Love science and the freedom to think independently? Then yes! Please keep in mind that Oasis is a positive environment. So, if you’re looking to denigrate religion, or preach your favored beliefs, then this probably isn’t the place for you.